Classes I offer for 2017

Dark Side of the Moon Bracelet
It's elegant, it's modern and it's simple. because sometimes simplicity is perfection. The repetition of elements creates pleasing harmony. The subtle layers of color and texture make is just right.
Full day class, available from January of 2017.

Flamingos in Love necklace

A full day class, during which you will learn how to work on a surface covered with dupioni silk to create this quirky, fun  and highly wearable necklace. The kissing flamingos surely will make you smile every time you look at them, and this technique can be a very useful tool for your own designs.

Cathedral Windows, Broken
A beautiful bracelet project inspired by the beauty of cathedral windows... Since the kaleidoscope glass I used for this is very angular looking, I wanted to reflect the shape in the overall design of the bracelet. It's a much lighter, sort of breezier composition than most bead embroidered bracelets. The negative space really adds to the feel of fragmentation.This class is a full day class, available from April, 2017.

Pristigenys Alta or Short Bigeye bracelet
Full day class featuring a cute, big eyed fish who lives in the Western Atlantic. The bracelet is wrap style, on an Italian lambskin cord in gorgeous turquoise with a magnetic clasp. Wonderful textures and really intense color in a cute package, but the best part is the glow in the dark skeleton. The alternate colorway for this project is green/blue.

I believe I can Fly Pendant
Yes! It is a flying pig with goggles and a bejeweled scarf on. This design was made for those who never gave up, those who had big dreams and weren't afraid to follow them and in general those, who love serious sparkle and delightfully un-serious, quirky jewelry.  The flying pig symbolizes endless possibilities against all odds, and reminds us to live every day to the fullest. 
It is a full day class.

This is a full day class. The design was inspired by Japanese watercolor paintings featuring foggy mountainsides and conifers and beautiful pagodas. Jo Anne St James made the cabochons specifically for this project. I incorporated multi layered pagoda roof shapes into the design. The design elements are simple, stylized, and hopefully every bit in line with the vision that inspired them.
This class is available starting January of 2017.
Additional colorway for Japoinca:

It's a Hippie Thing
This is one of the happiest pieces I ever made. You simply can't look at this bracelet and mope. These colors will surely cheer you up even on the gloomiest day. The focal component is made my Stuart Abelman, glass artist extraordinaire. I designed the piece to best showcase his gorgeous cabochons without taking away from them. There are fun textures achieved by the use of shaped beads and dupioni silk. This class is a full day class (6-7 hours) and it will be available starting October, 2017.

Sunrise and Sunset Shores Bracelets
An all day long (6 hour) class, suitable for intermediate and motivated beginners of bead embroidery. The design is built around the focal that features a landscape . The pink version is sunrise, and the orange is sunset. The colors of both versions compliment the polymer clay landscape beautifully. To enhance the seashore- like feel of the piece, we will be using a lot of shaped beads which add great textures. This is a great class for those who want to figure out how to incorporate some of the new shapes into their bead embroidery, and how to work with daring, yet harmonious colors. Each finished bracelet will have the same colors, but the patters can be customized.

The Bee's Knees Pendant
An all day long class that teaches how to design around unusual shaped stones. The finished piece is angular, modern, highly unusual and really wearable. I have been making these types of pendants for years, and this is a culmination of all the things I learned from the previous versions. Very blingy, very textural and a show stopper for sure.

A Drop of Dew Earrings
A three hour class, during which we will learn to create this stunning set of earrings featuring various 24 carat gold plated beads, a set of cabochons with butterfly wings ( my own design) and some cool shaped beads. Suitable for all skill levels, as long as you don't mind size 15 beads.

Floating Circles Stackable Bracelet
Yes, we will make the leather base, from hide to bracelet, all in one class, no shortcuts here!
This is a whole day (6 hour class) that will help the students learn traditional leather working techniques, such as using a glover's needle and working with lambskin and incorporating a box clasp with all the leather work. These bracelets are quite different from most bead embroidery projects out there, and allow students to combine bead embroidery with new techniques. It is a class that beginners will get as much out of as advanced beaders. The bracelets  are addictive to make and the color variations are endless!

Zeno, the tiniest Fishie. A small bracelet.
Zeno is a ton of fun in a short time! A half day (3-4 hour class) that is great for beginners and advanced bead embroiderers, as long as they don't mind having some lighthearted and fun.  This class teaches how to incorporate leather cords  into simple bead embroidery designs.

 Random Cocktail Rings project
This 3-4 hour class is all about digging through treasures ( from dichroic glass cabs to precious stones)  and whipping up some easy cocktail rings. There will be a large stash of cabochons, findings and seed beads provided, and students will make gorgeous, one of a kind rings in class. An easy and enjoyable project for beginner bead embroiderers who want to learn the basics, but also fun for advanced beaders who just want to have a good time and make a couple of rings during a fun class.

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  1. FABULOUS! Your work is exquisitely distinctive and beautiful.

  2. Wonderful. I look forward to seeing where all the classes are being taught. I may need a trip!

  3. You have developed such a fantastic array of opportunities here! For
    elegance and sophistication to silly fun, and a wide range of skill levels
    to boot. You are simply extraordinary!!!

  4. So happy to see all this happening for you :)

  5. I have attended 2 of Kinga's classes and had the best experience! I learned new techniques, had lots of fun doing it, and made a great new friend and mentor, in Kinga! I am very fortunate to be located in close proximity to Kinga and Herself, Sammy Regina! If you have the opportunity to attend one of her classes, go for it.
    I also highly recommend her kits. The instruction is complete, and easy to follow. I have completed Come give Grandma a hug, and What Happened to tweety, and they remarkable.

  6. Congratulations Kinga on your new journey and success!
    -Eva Maria

  7. Happy for you Kinga! I love watching your successes grow and thrive. Congratulations. GREAT classes!

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  9. Great classes Kinga! Love them All ;) Congratulations xx

  10. Kinga, Have always been a big fan of yours....I hope all of your classes sell out. Hugs!!!

  11. Your work and classes are amazing! FUSION BEADS bring Kinga to Seattle please!!!!!

  12. Wow - given the choice I would take all of your classes. Unfortunately I live in Toronto (Ontario, Canada), so it's kind of unlikely I'll have the chance. Planning any video classes?

    1. Hi Erin. I have done 2 videos and 5 online courses for Interweave publishing. Thank you for the kind words. Here is the link to the videos: